What We Do

Armada Dynamics EQM is the premier solution for companies that rent, sell or service equipment such as construction machinery, tents, barracks, scaffolding, formwork, offshore equipment, dispensers, cars, boats and more.

Combined with the standard robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this solution covers your rental processes and gives deep insight into the costs and revenues of each object, type of objects or group of objects – which is essential for making informed business decisions.

Industries We Serve

  • A/V Staging and TENTS
  • PARTY & Special Events
  • PARTY & Tent Rental
  • Lifts/Heavy Equipment
  • Shoring/Scaffolding
  • Medical Devices
  • Mobile Containers & Bldgs.
  • Trucking/Trailers
  • Oil/Energy/Technology

Armada Dynamics EQM covers a great number of functions, solving real day-to-day pain and challenges in the rental related process.

Armada’s unique EQM software solution can be easily tailored to reliably keep track of individual pieces or easily manage partial and bulk item returns.

  • Scaffold and shoring erectors and renters
  • Manufactures of aerial platforms, access equipment, scaffolds, shoring, and allied items
  • Manufacturers of Permanent installations (P.l.) equipment for exterior building maintenance
  • Suspended scaffold renters and operators
  • Plank and platform manufacturers and distributors
  • Contractors, subcontractors, insurance and computer companies, engineers, safety consultants, government officials, trade & labor representatives and other interested parties

Forming, Formwork: A complete system of support for freshly paced concrete including the forms, supporting members, hardware and necessary bracing. The material used to give the required shape and support of poured concrete, consisting primarily of the following:

  • Forms (Sheathing) – Material which is in direct contact with the concrete such as wood, plywood, metal sheet or plastic sheet
  • Joists – Members which directly support sheathing
  • Stringers or ledgers – Members which directly support the joists, usually wood or metal load-bearing members

Armada Dynamics allows a rental house to keep track of its cameras, lenses, microphones, stands, lights and modifiers in one integrated system that also delivers financial analytics.

Armada's ability to adapt to any business environment has allowed us to tailor the EQM rental module for the Oil and Gas Services Industries. We are able to keep track of all of the unique objects/assets that are used in drilling, rigging, oil platforms, wells and much more. Our software allows you to create pre-bundled objects or kits in order to expedite delivery and auditing. The flexibility of EQM to be adopted to the oil services industry provides very unique capabilities in tracking assets at multiple locations, project types and regions.

We are capable of tracking heavy equipment of all types, including drills, bulldozers, back hoes, lifts and more. You can track all of these unique assets by objects, object types, and groups. Plus, you can see the financial viability of any of these objects within your rental enterprise with one simple click.

A general term for individual components (planks, scaffold decks or fabricated platforms) that comprise the platform of a scaffold. A platform unit can either stand alone or be used in conjunction with another to form a platform.

The vertical supporting members in a formwork system. Vertical members used to provide temporary support of structures during construction, demolition, reconstruction, etc.

Armada provides a comprehensive rental management solution that allows medical rental businesses to keep track of their inventory, such as wheelchairs, beds, oxygen tanks, CPAP machines and much more. Even consumable items can easily be tracked and accurately billed.

Armada's unique EQM software solution solves:

  • Rental of Unique Units and Bulk Items
  • Advanced Availability Calendars
  • Multiple Rental Depots
  • Advanced Price and Discount
  • Split of Rental Income
  • Advanced Return and Delivery
  • Combined Invoicing
  • Equipment Relocation Journal
  • Flexible Invoice Corrections
  • Deposit Management
  • Workshop and Maintenance
  • Planned Services and Certifications
  • Fixed Asset Management Integration
  • Contract and Equipment Statistics
  • Utilization Reporting

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