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If rental is your primary source of revenue, then you need Armada's EQM Rental Management solution. Don’t settle for any substitute; bring your business greater efficiency and profitability with our unique, best-of-breed software solution.

Armada's EQM Rental Management software has been solving the unique challenges of the rental industry for more than 20 years!

  • Short and long-term rental (hours, days, weeks, weekends, months, yearly)
  • Track complete financial and physical utilization of all objects or items (monthly, quarterly, year- to-date)
  • Bulk item or kit pricing allows you to create “bundled pricing” that is most commonly used, saving time and eliminating redundancy errors
  • Create quotes, contracts and invoices
  • Create contracts directly from the availability calendars andrack complete rental history
  • Standard reports including equipment utilization, revenue-historical and forecasts
  • Reports can be printed or sent directly to email, and exported to Excel or Word
  • Return On Investments (ROI) determine most profitable objects/items
  • Sub-rental analysis
  • Track and print key performance metrics
  • Availability calendar for objects and all types of assets
  • Quick view of who rented it, what asset/object was rented, where the rental took place and when & where it is due to be returned

The core of the Armada EQM Rental Management software is the object module, in which all income and costs are attached to the unique object (ie. uniquely assigned to each machine/asset) during its lifetime. The EQM object module is fully integrated with the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP accounting software, currently running over 100,000 businesses worldwide. The EQM module works seamlessly with NAV's standard purchase, inventory, service/sales and fixed asset modules of Microsoft Dynamics. This means that because the system in completely integrated with the industry trend-setting accounting system, no longer do you have two different computer systems in order to access your important data, assets and criteria for reports and statistics.

The rental module allows you to create quotes, generate contracts and assign rental objects singularly or in bulk/kit form. These items can be more than just physical assets, but also labor hours and service assets. You can determine any additional charges at the time of creating or closing a rental contract by assigning it to that item or group. The rental module also has a built in availability calendar that provides the user with a high level “quick view” as well as the ability to drill down on the company-wide rental inventory. For example, you'll be able to quickly determine which objects are rented and to whom, which objects are available and at which location. This ability to quickly peruse your inventory will save hours of time and confusion in renting.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Murrieta, CA

  • Service Management is included
  • Track direct sales on contracts (objects, items and service)
  • Insurance, transport, sales and start/termination fees
  • Customer evaluation feedback
  • Deposits (cash or bank)
  • Rent or sell objects
  • Complete History Tracking
  • Complete integration with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook
  • Runs on Microsoft SQL Server, providing full customization of reports and tools
  • Multi-language support (10 languages)
  • Multi-currency with installations in the US, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Denmark, Australia, Italy, Iceland, Hungary, Lithuania, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Belgium, South Africa and many other countries worldwide
  • The Armada Equipment Management Rental (EQM) solution is an Add-On certified for Microsoft Dynamics NAV (CfMD)
  • Wheelchairs
  • Oxygen Concentrators, CPAP Machines, Shower Chairs
  • Infusion Pumps Hospital Beds
  • Track Services
  • Track Asset Location
  • Includes: Integrated Availability Calendar

Meeting the Medical Industry's needs:

  • Accounting: Fully integrated with industry leading ERP/accounting package from Microsoft Dynamics NAV, which has over 100,000 companies running worldwide.
  • EQM Rental Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Project Management
  • Mobility Integration
  • Asset Management
  • Biomedical Devices
  • Durable Medical Equipment


    • Wheelchairs
    • Oxygen Concentrators - CPAP Machines
    • Shower Chairs
    • Infusion Pumps
    • Hospital Beds
  • Equipment Rental/Sales
  • Logistics Management

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