Armada Dynamics EQM is the premier solution for companies who rent, sell or service equipment such as construction machinery, tents, barracks, scaffolding, formwork, offshore equipment, dispensers, cars, boats, and more.

Combined with the standard robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV, this solution covers your rental processes and gives you deep insight into the costs and revenues of each object, type of objects or group of objects - which is essential for making informed business decisions.

Armada Dynamics EQM covers a great number of functions, solving the real day-to-day pain and challenges of the rental process.

EQM Rental Management Software

Our EQM Rental Management Software is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, providing a complete rental business solution. You no longer have to export files, or create any type of bridge software in order to export the files to your accounting software.

Equipment Management
  • Objects - structure consisting of three levels (groups, types and objects/units) linked to fixed assets
  • Accessories - accessories delivered together with objects or separately
  • Bulk Items - sets with templates and individual rental per item
  • Sales Items - spare parts and consumables
  • Resources - labor and services
  • Miscellaneous Charges - fees for miscellaneous services, etc.
Rental Management
  • Rental Contracts - combined or individual invoices
  • Shipments - multiple lines with shipment date and on-rent date
  • Returns - multiple lines with off-rent date and return date
  • Rental Relocation Journals – moving between contracts and locations
  • Rental Orders - based on rental contract lines, shipments and returns
  • Rental Invoices/Cr. Memos - based on rental contract orders
  • Rental Document Corrections - corrections of posted rental invoices and credit memos
Service and Maintenance Management
  • Planned Services and Certifications - based on counters or dates
  • Service Proposals - based on planned services
  • Workshop Orders - based on service proposals and repairs, misc. maintenance
  • Workshop Journals - time sheets and spare parts/item consumption
  • Workshop Invoices/Cr. Memos - posted workshop documents

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

With over 100,000 installations, Microsoft Dynamics is the most popular ERP software package in the world.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV offers a comprehensive accounting, personnel management sales reporting, inventory control and production planning system that is adaptable to any type of business in which your company is engaged.

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