Key Features

Microsoft Dynamics NAV-Murrieta, CA

Armada Dynamics EQM offers businesses in the rental industry a wide range of features and benefits. From construction and medical equipment to audio/visual solutions, we can help you streamline the process of renting whatever keeps your business moving forward.

With proven software solutions and experience you can trust, isn't it about time you experienced the Armada difference?

  • Short and long-term rental (Hour, Day, Weekend, Week, Month, Year)
  • Bulk items (Scaffolding, Formworks)
  • Availability calendar on objects and on types of object
  • The availability calendar for objects provides an overview of which objects are rented to whom, what is reserved for whom, as well as what is available at the different locations
  • Establishment of rental contracts and quotes
  • Possibility to create rental contracts directly from the availability calendar (object and type)
  • Complete rental history on objects
  • Delivery date different than rent from date
  • Off hire date different than return date
  • Advanced return handling
  • Equipment transfer journal
  • “Diamond Blade” consumption
  • Multiple depot structure
  • Drilldown
  • Direct sale on contract (objects and items)
  • Insurance, transport, sales, start and termination fees
  • Various rental prices including different models of stair pricing
  • Customer evaluation
  • Deposit (cash or bank)
  • Fixed Asset Management integration with object module
  • Service Management – service orders, service items, planning, dispatching and service contracts
  • Defined service intervals, controls and approvals of the objects ensure automatic generation of service orders
  • Complete service history of objects
  • Numerous standard reports (Capacity utilization, revenue – historical and expected)
  • Integrated with Microsoft Office and Microsoft Outlook
  • Runs on Microsoft SQL Server that also gives very good reporting possibilities with other reporting tools

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